Friday, March 8, 2013

The Colorado Harrises

You know how some people just spread their love around? That's the Harrises! They all got knitted earbands before they left the ship. What fun!

Another HAT!

It's been a while since I've created any new hats
and while it's been on my mind my hands just haven't caught up.
Until now.
This hat I made for my daughter this winter
but my granddaughter claimed it,
so now I'm making a second one, same colors, pattern reversed.

For now, here's the first of the two.
There's that beguiling Kiwi green again!
I'm convinced, it gets darker with each dye lot from the wool factory.

Friday, October 1, 2010


'Andy Pants' and his hat in action on the Vavolov.
(See hat close up further down.)
Eva's hat in sunset colors.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Capt. Alexander checking out the Barque Europa* in the Bransfield Straight recently in Antarctica. A right proper hat fit for a Russian captain. The Europa was under nearly full sail when we spotted her beating her way down the wind. She's massive under full sail!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Random snowflakes define the character of T's hat.

A hat made with Falkland Islands yarn hand spun by our friend Kim Chater.
Blended with Lamb's Pride for strength and heft.

My favorite of the three albatross hats, made aboard ship especially for Save The Albatross auctions:

The three hats raised a total of $1,120 for Save The Albatross.

A hat for "Andy Pants," our hotel manager assistant aboard the Ioffe last season.
It perfectly matches this season's new staff parka (see above photo).

It was made to match his messenger bag. I included a patch to remember last year's awesome Antarctic season.

Eva´s hat, above. She´d asked for sunset colors. I think it´s the most dynamic color combination ever. The shading is very pleasing.
Below, her best friend, Karin´s hat, with colors to match her Arcteryx jacket.

Christine helps me model the penguin hats. Macaroni and gentoo.

Next, the Russian sailor hat. Christine models it, a little further down.

It was a busy Antarctic season with the addition of 12 new hats to the collection.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Eva, above, in her dazzling sunset colors hat. Below, best friend Karin in her hat above Neko Harbour, continental Antarctic Peninsula. See hat close up below.

A standard touque, modeled by the lovely and charismatic Christine, below.

My new penguin hat!

It crossed the Antarctic Circle for its debut.

Tall boyz Rob and James. Yes, Rob´s wearing a hat and wig thing. He does have thick beautiful hair but it´s not really in dread locks. Not yet. (How tall ARE these guys!!?)

This next hat was made for my friend, Karin, to match her ArcTeryx jacket.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My favorite shot of this years' wave hat, above.
Below, Cascade Jewel creates a gorgeous effect. It has all the colors of the cold ocean and feels like multiple layers of waves, like on a wild day on the Drake Passage. Don't ya love the very curious elephant seal pup? We call them weaners, they've just been weaned and are all wandering around the beaches clumped up together with other weaners.

Below, Jamie and Laura, the cutest and sweetest couple ever, model hats with colors of each others' countries. Brazil's colors are on Jamie and the Canadian flag can be made out on Laura's.

The very visible wave hat for 2008-09 season.

Above, colors of the cold ocean reverberate through this hat made of Cascade Jewel.
Below, I love my new wave hat this year. It´s intended to be quickly recognizable out on the water. I can´t say the Aqua Bound logo on my paddle didn´t have an influence on the design.
Below, Expedition Leader Kirsten got a hat two years ago, as did Andy...I drew his name for Christmas. The green yarn is called Kiwi in the hat I made for myself. Love that color!
The hat I made two years ago to be very visible out on the water. Here we´re checking out one of the mammoth jelly fish that the crabeater seals feed on in Antarctica.
This years´version of the visible hat. Love the waves!
The hat Sue's featured in above, banner photo.
Shots taken January 2013.